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Oct 10

California’s Water-Part One


The California delta is one of the largest sources of water for the world’s 8th largest economy. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta has been called the heart of California’s water system. Today we’re looking at the delta as a water supply. The State Water Project is the nation’s largest state-built water delivery system, consisting of more …

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Oct 08

Membrane in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment Cycle

Recent developments in technology have resulted in breakthroughs in wastewater treatment and reclamation for water reuse. This progress includes membrane technology, which has emerged as a significant innovation for treatment and reclamation, as well as a leading process in the upgrade and expansion of wastewater treatment plants. On the water treatment side, University of South Carolina …

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May 14

Wastewater Treatment-Secondary and Tertiary Treatment


In our last post on Wastewater Treatment, we covered Pretreatment and Primary Treatment. Today we’ll finish off the treatment process with Secondary and Tertiary Treatment.   Secondary treatment is designed to substantially degrade the biological content of the sewage which are derived from human waste, food waste, soaps and detergent. The majority of municipal plants treat …

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Apr 30

Water Technology – Water to Energy, Literally!


In a few of our previous blogs posts, we covered the development of geothermal energy and the use of dams and rivers to create hydroelectricity. On the American Water College Facebook page, we shared a link demonstrating how Texas is actively pursuing both fresh water and energy production at the same time by building a natural gas-fired power …

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Apr 29

Wastewater Treatment – Then and Now


In 1909, the city of Santa Monica was featured in the Municipal Journal and Engineer for their nine-month operation of a magneto-electrolytic sewage purification plant. The theory at the time was that charging sewage with electricity was sufficient to render the sewage safe and free of disease. According to the article, the cost for the city …

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Apr 23

Water Treatment – Desalination


The history of water treatment in the US has covered a lot of ground. From the use of large-scale filtration to the introduction of chlorine as a viable treatment and disinfection option over one hundred years ago, water treatment has evolved into a diverse field, employing different geographical or treatment techniques. Even now, water treatment …

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Apr 16

Water to Energy


Water has uses beyond just the normal domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. Water is also used to produce energy, and new developments are made every day. One of these new developments is Enhanced Geothermal Systems. Present geothermal power generation comes from hydrothermal reservoirs, and is somewhat limited in geographic application to specific ideal places in …

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